Validating Construction

EvrBilt provides implementation consultancy to ensure that your site is enabled for construction verification. We can also help resource collection and processing of data to track progress and positional accuracy.

Surveyors have always played a role in checking that projects have been built to match the dimensions and position of the designers intent, but in recent years powerful software that compares large pointcloud datasets to 3D BIM design models has created the possibility of much more comprehensive checking instead of the spot checks that have been made historically.

This powerful new addition to the suite of measured survey tools has the potential to transform the management and mitigation of errors that occur on site and cause costly delay and re-work.

The practical on-site application of these processes offers significant automation benefits to both tracking project progress and establishing the accuracy of the ongoing build.

The contractual benefit that comes from knowing that work is proceeding according to the planned sequence and programme provide both peace of mind and the confidence to allow conventional teams to break out of the adversarial behaviour that occurs when problems occur unexpectedly.

To discuss how we can help plan and deliver the verification of your project please contact Robert Klaschka at

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