BIM and Digital Transformation

EvrBilt helps companies with their digital transformation and BIM implementation from evaluation through strategy to delivery and detail

Many companies are working with BIM in one way or another whether it is for the internal productivity benefits or because clients or contractors they are working with require it.

We work with you to understand the successes of what you are already doing with technology and the way they could map on to your business. Using BIM to enhance the services your clients want to do business with you lies at the heart of our approach.

Quality as-built information

It is a reasonable expectation that you can open the right part of a ceiling to find the equipment you need to look at but this is often impossible because models or drawings do not reflect what has been built 

As the expectations for digital delivery of buildings increases it has become evident that the models being handed over are rarely a true reflection. We have practical experience of using the technology and the situations that can occur even on projects where verification has been planned.

Automation and productivity

You don’t need to be able to code, but you do need to be able to identify and describe problems that can be solved by code

As delivery expectations increase and project times are reduced, keeping your employees productive and focused on solving problems is an important part of a business’s success. We can provide training to engage your staff with the possibilities for automation and then help then to learn to describe problems that can be solved or automated programmatically.

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